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On the grounds of the resolution of Petrozavodsk Municipal Executive Committee № 481 as of February 19th,1991, the first private enterprise in the Republic of Karelia was founded. It was named «Letashkov Lines» and was set up by Letashkov Valentin Nikolaevich, a citizen of Petrozavodsk, as a passenger traffic and travel company.

A Letashkov Lines logo, designed as a road junction, resembling a plane, has been steadily accompanying the company since then and became a widely known and recognizable one.

Starting from the date of foundation, the buses of the company have made over a thousand trips to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and even Greece. Convenient buses of European origin with DVD, WC and mini-kitchens are used by the company.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain in Russia, the first buses with Russian license plates to appear in Stockholm in 1993 (after negotiations between Valentin Letashkov and the Prime Minister of Sweden Ingvar Carlsson), in London in 1994 and in Paris in 1995, were buses with a Letashkov Lines logo on them.

Nowadays, in addition to scheduled tourist bus trips, the agency provides services on transporting individual tourist groups, companies of friends or business delegations, with private vehicles in all directions and on every route.

Letashkov Lines kindly warns: having used our services, one becomes our regular customer!



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